Add-on Options

Once you've made a decision about the basics of your pool, selecting the add-on options can be the most exciting part! Below are some ideas of the items you can add to enhance the look, feel and enjoyment of your pool.



Mushrooms are always a fun addition to any pool.  This colorful addition can be made in any personalized color.



Fountains can add a whole new dimension to your pool area.  These are extremely customizable, and the options are almost endless.


Water Slides

A water slide is a perfect addition to a pool.  Everyone loves a water slide.  You can't help but have fun. 


The type of decking you choose helps complete the look of your outdoor living area, and today there are more choices than ever before. Choose from stone, concrete, and many other options to make your poolscape uniquely yours.

Play Sets

Play sets are another great addition.  They make a perfect place for the kids to have fun.

Funnel Slides

Funnel slides are the newest way to have fun.  These slides are a perfect addition to any neighborhood or waterpark pool.


Dump Buckets

A dump bucket is another way to add some extra fun to a play set.